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Product Introduction


GK7101S is a highly integrated SoC with excellent ISP processing module for low power, low illumination, low bit-rate and low cost FHD IP camera solution. Its high efficient encoding architecture design can support multiple video streams encoding at compression (H.264) resolution up to 1080P@30fps.

The highly integration design of GK7101S provides the products high image quality and high system performance with low cost to meet the requirements of different applications. The mature SDK package and the pin compatible with GK7101 can help the customers greatly shorten the product development cycle.

Product Features


Product Features


ARM1176ZJFS Processor with VFP

CPU Core frequency up to 600MHz

Embedded MMU

16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-Cache

4KB boot ROM

8 stage pipeline structure



Bad-pixel correction

Image enhancement

Black level correction

Digital wide dynamic range (WDR)

3D de-noise

Lens distortion correction

Supply ISP tuning tool

Video Encoder

H.264 Baseline/Main/High profile L4.1

JPEG Baseline encode

Multi-stream output, up to 1080p@30 + D1@30 + CIF@30 + JPEG@1fps

CBR/VBR rate control

ROI encoding

Audio Encoder/Decoder

Supports multiple audio format, such as G.711/G.726/AAC/MP3

Echo cancellation

Video interface

8/10/12 bit RGB Bayer input东赢电竞,clock frequency up to 81MHz

BT1120/BT656 input

Compatible with sensors provided by Sony,Aptina,OmniVision,Panasonic and so on

Supports 1.8v and 3.3v sensor

CVBS output

BT1120/BT656 standard output

i80 and RGB565 standard output

Audio interface

Embedded Audio Codec with two line output and one MIC input

8bit/16bit/24bit I2S input and output,support 32K,44.1K,48K sample rate

Peripheral interface

Embedded high-resolution 32.768K RTC

3x UART include one RS485

2x SPI

2x I2C, include 1x power configurable to match sensor power

8x PWM

2x 10bit SAR-ADC

1x USB 2.0 host/device interface

2x SDIO 2.0

1x IR

Embedded 10M/100M Ethernet PHY,and also support external RMII/MII PHY interface

63x GPIO

1x i80 LCD interface

1x RGB565 LCD interface


Embedded 1Gbit DDR2@800M/1066M

1x SPI NOR/NAND flash,1/2/4wire mode

SDIO2.0 with storage up to 128Gbyte


Boot from SPI Nor/Nand

Boot from UART


Embedded MCU for standby

Support wakeup by IR/button/GPIO alarm

Standby power lower than 3mw


Embedded 128Byte EFUSE


Configurable EFUSE Key for encryption boot

Operating conditions

Typical power 700mW

Core voltage 1.1V, IO3.3V东赢电竞,DDR2 1.8V

Operating temperature -20 ~ +85℃

Package: TFBGA 228pin,11mm x 11mm with 0.65mm pitch